Hi Guys,

I'm having issues getting fuppes to stream music, or anything for that matter, to my xbox 360 (dashboard 2.0.15574). After struggling for a while I got the xbox to discover the UPnP service by adding a ":" to the friendly name but no song, genres etc. get listed. I'm using NAS4Free build 171.When you browse to the rendering client in the webUI it recognize it correctly as an XBox 360 device but the vfolder dropdown list none instead of the expected xbox? Not sure where to start in looking in order to get this working, I'm new to NAS4Free / FreeBSD. From working through forums it seems that the key conf file is the /etc/rc.d/fuppes script, vfolder.cfg, the xbox device cfg file and lastly the xbox virtual folder cfg file.If anyone got fuppes to work with the xbox 360, please give me some pointers!

Please help

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