<p>Eighty-five percent of problems that occur in the actual use of solid wood flooring are caused by improper laying, 10% due to improper use, and only 5% by the floor itself. It can be seen that whether the paving measure hollow in collarbone to floor process is reasonable or not is the most important factor influencing the floor use effect. So, what are the wrong ways to avoid the floor laying process? As an example of the more widespread keel laying method, there are mainly the following: The ground is not leveled The unevenness of the ground will cause some floors and keels to hang, and it will make a sound when stepping on. Wooden keel without moisture treatment Nowadays, non-dried keels made of pine wood are often used for construction.</p> <p> They are fixed on the ground about 30 days in advance, and no moisture barrier Cheapest Flooring Solution is laid between the ground and the keel. When paving the floor, it is laid directly without checking the moisture content of the keel. In fact, the moisture content of the keel is usually about 25% at this time, and the qualified moisture content of the wooden floor is generally about 12%. The humidity difference is too large to cause the wooden floor to quickly absorb moisture, causing the floor to arch and accompanied by paint burst. </p> <p>Wooden keel fixed with iron nails The use of wooden wedges and iron nails in construction will cause the nails to be insufficient due to How to Build Sunburst Deck Railing the small contact surface between the wooden wedges and the nails. This can easily cause the looseness of the wood keel, and the noise will appear when treading on the floor. Assembled too loose or too tight The expansion and contraction of wooden floor are changed with the changes of the ambient temperature and humidity.</p> <p> Therefore, in the development of wooden floor pavement program, according to the use of the location of the ambient temperature and humidity level to arrange the tightness of the wood floor assembly. If it is too loose, there will be a large gap in the floor contraction. When it is too tight, the floor will bow. Renovation works cross construction In the construction, wood flooring is laid first, and then other construction projects are performed on the floor surface. This is the usual practice of the current decoration team. In this way, after the floor is finished, it often takes a month or more to paint. During this period, there are no isolation measures for water vapor and chemicals on the floor and surrounding perma polymer dock material calculator environment, which may lead to deformation and cracking of the wooden floor due to the rapid change in moisture content.</p>