<p>Purchase materials. It is best not to buy materials on rainy days. If it is urgently needed, due to the high humidity in rainy days, when purchasing materials, we must pay attention to whether the materials are dry. Some of the how to build a decorative wooden panel for outdoors materials that have been selected to easily absorb moisture should pay special attention to avoid being wetted by rain during transportation and storage. , Wood products are easily deformed, aged, and moldy when exposed to rain. Wood flooring. Try not to arrange wood floors on rainy days, because the ground is prone to moisture when it rains, the water evaporates slowly, and the glue dries slowly. </p> <p>After the thin plastic decks boards construction is completed, temperature changes can easily cause deformation or hollowing in the wooden floor. If you really want to shop, you must grasp the installation size, leaving enough space for shrinkage. Brush paint.</p> <p> The temperature of rain is relatively low. Wooden painter should not be arranged on rainy days. Because the surface of wood products will condense a layer of water vapor on rainy days. If paint is applied at that time, vapor will be trapped in the paint film, making the surface of wood products cloudy.</p> <p> At the same time, there will be backwashing. In addition, when the rainyplastic floor panels Egypt day paints latex paint on the wall, it is necessary to pay attention to extend the time for drying the wall after the first pass. Many process steps in the decoration process have a ��technical gap time��, and the paint also needs to reach the target after each pass to be able to brush the second time. The environmentally friendly water-based paints used today are used on composite patio tiles rainy days because they dry slowly and take longer than normal paints.</p>