<P>Do not use the dripping cloth to wipe the floor during the cleaning process. If it is the general dirt left by the water-soluble material, wipe the floating dust first, and then use a soft cloth to dab the thick tea water, wash water or peel orange peel water wipe. This will not only remove the dirt, but also restore the gloss of the paint film.</P>
<P>Teak flooring itself high hardness, usually still need to avoid heavy impact knocking wooden floor, while avoiding wear high heels and hard soles wood floor, to extend the service life of teak flooring. At the same time, indoor ventilation, teak flooring moisture resistance is not strong, pay attention to prevent over-wet. Can not direct sunlight for a long time, will not only speed up teak flooring aging, but also easy to change color.</P>
<P>The purchase of good teak flooring in fact maintenance will be half the peace of mind, really good teak flooring are made of teak wood production, to maintain its natural performance, because of its own teak is very suitable for solid wood flooring, then buy teak flooring when needed Attention. In general, the floor brand is the most important, in terms of quality and after-sales protection, such as the natural floor, Shun floor are all familiar flooring brands, compared to small brands, the production chain quality assurance.</P>
<P>Teak flooring itself will have a layer of oil, so the teak floor waxing and oiling do not need to be frequent, to maintain 3-4 times a year, so that it can both protect the floor, but also to maintain the natural properties of teak flooring material.</p> "consumer reports best decking,tile wood planks floors,vinyl wood flooring qatar "