<p>The reason is not on the primer, or the primer and the paint on the inner layer is not dry directly on the light paint, the result is a light paint is absorbed by the wood and lose luster. The bad paint is also a reason. Wet the old paint with a wet or dry emery cloth, brush off the dust, clean the surface with a clean, damp cloth, and dry the paint again. Special new and used redwood composite decking attention should be paid to the fact that paint can be applied in a very low temperature environment and the paint film can lose its luster after it has dried. Eight, the film wrinkle: usually due to the second paint is not dry, that is, brush the second time the paint caused.</p> <p> The solvent in the lower coat affects the upper coat and wrinkles. In this case, the wrinkled paint film can be removed with chemical amalgam or heating and repainted. Remember, you must wait until the second coat is dry before you can go on the second pass. Nine, rough paint: new painted rough laying composite decking directly to ground appearance, usually the paint brush used is not clean or polluted by the surrounding environment. There may also be mixed paint in the paint, no precipitation or filtration before use, or dusting when the paint is dry.</p> <p> In order to spare the above-mentioned effects, clean paint brushes and paint buckets must be used. Old paint must be filtered with paint filter paper or clean nylon stockings before use. In addition, the painted exterior should be covered with a cover or cardboard when the paint is dry to prevent dusting. Assuming that the paint have wooden deck can i replace railings with compo... surface is rough, after it is dry, use a wet or dry abrasive cloth to grind it, wipe it, and then brush it again. Pay special attention to the paint brush must be clean. Ten, paint does not dry: Indoor air circulation is not good or the temperature is too low, the paint will dry slowly. At this point you can open all the windows to promote air circulation, or put a heater in the room to add room temperature. If you still can not deal with the effect, it can be painted oily appearance. At this time, you can use a chemical paint remover or heat to remove paint, thoroughly wipe the bench railing composite appearance and repaint it.</p>