<P>Interior selection of pineapple lattice solid wood flooring, not only comfortable feet, environmental health, and decoration effect is very good, high-end atmosphere. Precious wooden flooring, made of pineapple, should be carefully maintained and waxed regularly. In order to extend the life of solid wood flooring.</P>
<P>The reason why the pineapple grid flooring continues to flourish in the past six or seven years is that it belongs to the category of mahogany loved by ordinary people. The other is that it is cheaper, even though it is a solid wood floor, but the price per square meter is also cheaper than the high-grade composite floor. Thirdly, Very good, is one of the few solid wood floors that can be used for geothermal heating. Why the price of pineapple grid rose so fast in recent years?</P>
<P>The reason is that in recent years, pineapple grid affected by natural disasters, timber harvesting decreased sharply from the beginning of the year, the number of raw materials exported to China, the Chinese pineapple is only normal, less than 10%. Even worse is that the Indonesian government has seen a lot of deforestation led to the deterioration of the ecological environment, it will come to strict control of the harvest of Merbau, resulting in the current floor market, all the way up and down the pineapple grid. Some floor planters expect such a stall to be permanent as the Indonesian government's determination to conserve it grows stronger.</P> "replacing wood deck with composite,boat interior vinyl flooring,6 ft vinyl fence installation cost "