<p>limited. It is up to you to build three confidences. First, confidence in the flooring industry. Second, the confidence of Jilin Senong brand. The third confidence, their own confidence in their own business. I frankly tell you that I am a professor at Forestry University and include a wide range of wood processing.<a href='http://weetwood.org/green-deck/1080.html'>build lattice panels indoor trampoline</a> I used to be the general manager of a high-tech company at Forestry University. I felt it touched the floor. This place is the most neglected but the market has the greatest potential. Many people made a fortune in recent years, the</p>
<p> Holy See, I watched them make a fortune. You have to build confidence in the flooring industry, especially this year, I now tell you that now the floor is not good to do, and in 2007 is the floor brand shuffling years. If you do not strengthen their own construction,<a href='http://weetwood.org/green-deck/1081.html'>decking seating with wpc</a> means that you will be eliminated by the flooring industry. So we have to see that now the floor is facing shuffling. Solid wood flooring now increases excise taxes and increases export taxes, with more than 300 factories closed by more than half. Laminate flooring brand too much,</p>
<p>probably washed away this year, 1000 brands, but there are more than 1,000 brands alive. When you have not come in yet, Li Jinsi has opened a shop in Beijing. Beijing now how many brands?<a href='http://weetwood.org/green-deck/1082.html'>backyard deck with fire pit</a> The oversupply and the introduction of six real estate policies have played a role in deterring the development of real estate. However, the rigid demand of Beijing is put there. Real estate prices do not come down in Beijing, this week's Beijing Evening News Real Estate Edition article, interview me, I put it to 2007 is the floor shuffling industry, </p>