<p>Commonly used ceiling materials are: wood plywood, gypsum board, decorative gypsum board, plastic buckle board, drill buckle board and plastic organic light transmission board. Its role is mainly used: heatvinyl fence post sleeve insulation, cooling; conceal the various defects of the original roof; in order to obtain decorative effect and contrast atmosphere; bathroom to prevent steam invasion of the roof, concealed water pipes.</p> <p> PVC ceilings PVC ceilings are made of polyvinyl chloride as the raw material, assembled by extrusion molding into a frame and matched with glass. It is light, wearable, anti-aging, heat insulation, sound framed screen lasts fence insulation, moisture-proof insulation, insect repellent and fire prevention. Mainly applies to the kitchen, bathroom. When purchasing PVC materials, equipments with good equipment conditions and guaranteed quality shall be manufactured. </p> <p>Gypsum board hanging board Gypsum board ceiling board is the most widely used type of ceiling decoration material in our country's current home decoration. The main functions are as follows: The moisture-proof gypsum board is particularly suitable for the ceiling decoration of bathrooms and kitchens. Sound-absorbing gypsum board has a strong anti-noise function. The composite gypsum board has heat insulation, heat insulation, and decorative effect. Gypsum board has a wide range of uses, strong decorativediy wood plastic fence singapore effect, suitable for living room, living room ceiling.</p>