<p>Ground materials generally include: solid wood floors, composite wood floors, natural stone, artificial stone floor tiles, carpets made of textile products, and floors of artificial printable deck plans for 24 round pool Kenya products (plastics). solid wood flooring Solid wood flooring is the floor decoration material that is formed after the wood is dried and processed.</p> <p> It has a natural pattern, good foot feel, easy construction, safe use, and good decorative effect. composite floor Composite flooring is raw wood as raw material, after crushing, filling with adhesive and anti-corrosion materials, processed into a floor aluminum exterior wall panels pavement profile. solid wood composite floor Solid wood composite flooring is a new type of wood between solid wood flooring and laminate flooring. </p> <p>It has the natural art, texture and elasticity of solid wood flooring, and it also has the advantages of strengthening the flooring against deformation and easy cleaning. floor tiles Tiles are one of the main flooring materials. They are whole best flooring for balcony in uk body bricks, glazed bricks, whole body polished bricks, seepage bricks, and osmotic polished bricks. Its characteristics are: solid texture, heat resistance, abrasion resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, no water seepage, easy to clean, low water absorption, more color patterns, and good decorative effect.</p> <p> Stone plate Stone plate is a plate-shaped decorative surface material made from natural rock through block mining, sawing, polishing and other processing processes. The stone plate has the characteristics of dense structure and high strength, and has strong resistance to moisture and translucent roof panels for patios weather resistance. carpet The carpet has a soft, thick texture, elasticity, and good sound insulation and heat insulation.</p>