<p>Combined office furniture is a popular office furniture. This kind of easy-to-remove product is very convenient to use and can be freely combined. Especially for large companies, it is more convenient. Office wood plastic composite uk south east furniture repair small scratches: For veneering furniture and solid wood furniture, it is very simple to repair them: just buy a wax stick in your local store, try to choose the color that best matches your wood color.</p> <p> Just paint the scratches wood plastic composites cladding and your work is done. Wax helps you protect your furniture from all kinds of attacks, and its color can also hide scratches. Then wax this part of the furniture once more to make sure that the wax is covered by scratches and that it is not painted on bare wood. </p> <p>The trick is to ensure that enough colored wax is used to fill the scratches and reshape a plane. When you wax the furniture, ordinary wax will not clog the scratches (it will also create a white mark). If you want to be perfect, you need to spend some time and more practice in order to achieve both successful plastic accessories product for furniture waxing and scratches.</p>