<P>A small area of ​​oil can be floor cleaner poured on the rag to wipe. Stay stubborn long-term oil stains can be soft with a toothbrush with a floor cleaner gently brushing. For a large area of ​​oil, the first application of dry mop to clean the surface oil, and then follow-up cleaning. Do not use detergent, detergent and other non-professional cleaning agents directly wipe the floor.</P>
<P>Wood flooring anti-corrosion coup: Laying wood flooring, in addition to the selection of antibacterial, antibacterial, anti-corrosion floor mat, but also add a layer of bamboo charcoal. Bamboo charcoal has dual functions of moisture absorption and moisturization, can inhibit the growth of microorganisms and termites, and can also adsorb the toxic residual gas after the floor decoration.</P> "decking for backyard suppliers france,composite wall panels garden canada,how to fix plastic cladding house "