and there were no relevant data such as heavy metals. In response, some merchants stated that the quality inspection report did not list heavy metal projects and the products were qualified products, indicating that the heavy metal content is in line with national standards,
and even does not contain heavy metals. There is no need to list them. Survey: Heavy metal detection report into a blind spot sales survey found that not only children's furniture, but also ordinary furniture does not have the heavy metal detection report required by the relevant standards.
According to the “Restriction of harmful substances in wooden furniture for interior decoration materials”, four heavy metals such as cadmium, chromium, lead and mercury in wooden furniture must be within the limits of the standard, namely lead & le; 90 mg/kg, cadmium & le; 75 mg/kg. Kg, chrome & le; 60 mg/kg, mercury & le; 60 mg/kg.
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