<p>inevitably drive the relevant product market. Production and sales. From the perspect Ive of the development of related industries, but the country implemented a series of real estate macro-control measures in 2005, the situation in the real estate market has seen rapid growth in investment, but overall, China��s real estate market consumption is still In a healthy consumption state. Every year, <a href='http://floor.firststepkingston.org/wall-panel/46-precast-concrete-walls-commercial.html'>precast concrete walls commercial</a>new houses are still maintained at a relatively high level. Also, the market share of wood flooring is still low, according to statistics, the </p>
<p>market share of wood flooring in major cities in China is about 15 0%, in small and medium-sized cities, <a href='http://floor.firststepkingston.org/wall-panel/45-floors-camping-tiles-foam-roller.html'>floors camping tiles foam roller</a> wood floor consumption is only about 7%. The market analysis of the flooring industry The industry is fiercely competitive The market is facing reshuffling In terms of resources, especially raw material resources, large manufacturers will set Up the raw material processing plants to centrally control raw materials. The advantages of raw materials resources for small factories and small brands will gradually be lost. On the scale,</p>
<p>ent ��some small plants will be more or less expensive,�� The concentration of will higher and higher, and the pattern of shuffling will become more and more evident. The Yangtze River Delta will become a floor production and sales center, <a href='http://floor.firststepkingston.org/wall-panel/44-artificial-wood-in-the-philippines.html'>artificial wood in the philippines</a> and mainland companies will encounter difficulties. Statistics show that multi-layer solid wood flooring accounts a 30% of the total production of solid wood flooring. Today, with the rapid development of living rhythm, multi-layer solid wood flooring has maintained occupy the market share due to </p>