<p>wood flooring, antique relief flooring, and geothermal special floor. There are more than 20 models in the four series. The annual designed production capacity is 400,000 square meters. The products have been exported to Japan, the United States, and Malaysia.<a href="http://woodcompositedeck.org/composite-decking/plastic-pool-decks-for-above-ground-pools.html">plastic pool decks for above ground pools</a> Countries and regions have set up 15 branches in Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan, Jinan, Guangdong, Xi��an, and Tibet. The solid wood flooring produced has won the Gold Award from the Chinese Ministry of Forestry and the China Forest Products Industry Association for three </p>
<p>consecutive years. There are also 30 solid wood floors in China. Trusted units, Chinese green building materials and other honors.
Solid wood flooring prices have been rising recently. The reporter learned from the solid wood flooring market in Xiamen that compared to last month, the prices of some solid wood flooring brands in Xiamen rose by 10% to 15% this month. Most dealers believe that there will be a further surge after the Spring Festival.<a href="http://woodcompositedeck.org/eco-panel/above-rail-decks-over-pools.html">above rail decks over pools</a> The reporter learned from the Xiamen Jiayu company and Fulin floor distributors that </p>
<p>since last year, the prices of all kinds of solid wood floors have risen by an average of 60 yuan, and in January this year they have risen by about 15-20 yuan. Among them,<a href="http://woodcompositedeck.org/composite-decking/installing-wood-fencing-posts-to-soil.html">installing wood fencing posts to soil</a> Grenkappa (Kim Do Not Change) rose from 116 yuan in June last year to 140 yuan in January of this year. Red sand rose from 178 yuan in June last year to 205 yuan in the present. January rose by 5 yuan respectively. Dipterocarp rose by only 5 yuan in January. The manager of the Nature Flooring Store stated that although they have not yet posted a </p>