<p>natural veneer Veneer: the former texture is basically straight texture, texture patterns are rules; the latter is a natural wood pattern, texture patterns of natural variability is relatively large, irregular. 2, good decorative: Decorative plate appearance should have a better sense of beauty, material uniform, clear color, beautiful wood grain. With the board and parquet texture should be arranged according to a </p>
<p>certain law, similar to the color of wood, patchwork and edge almost parallel. 3, the surface should be no obvious flaws: the choice of the decorative plate surface should be smooth, no burrs, hook marks and planing marks; should not gel phenomenon (such as local black, yellow phenomenon); should try to pick the surface without cracks, cracks, No cap, resin capsule and gum channel; the natural warpage </p>
<p>of the whole board should be as small as possible to avoid sanding through the substrate caused by sand leakage phenomenon. 4, the structure of the adhesive layer is stable, no open plastic phenomenon: It should be noted that between the veneer and the substrate surface, the inner layer of the substrate can not be between the drum, stratification. 5, knife pry test glue strength: This method is the most intuitive </p>
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