<p>grade big core board formaldehyde emission �� 0.5 mg / l, E1 grade formaldehyde emission �� 1.5 mg / l, E2 grade formaldehyde emission �� 5 Mg / l. Among them, E2 level Daxinban environmental performance is poor, can not be directly used for interior decoration. When consumers choose to pay attention to the distinction. Daxin board to buy the four major skills, over Xiaobian temporarily </p>
<p>introduced here, I hope your Daxinban purchase help, if you want to know more Daxinban knowledge, please continue to pay attention to every home decoration network.Decorative panels also called panels, is a commonly used home decoration materials, the texture of natural, good decorative effect, popular with consumers. Many first-time renovated friends may not know what is the decorative panel, </p>
<p>below we understand the detailed knowledge of the decorative panel. First, what is the decorative panel? Decorative panel, commonly known as the panel. Is the real wood veneer precision cut into a thickness of about 0.2mm veneer veneer to plywood as a substrate, made by the adhesion process made of single-sided decorative decorative plate. Decorative panel is a special way splint exists, the </p>
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