<p>and Haoshijia, the merbau floor was around 130 yuan per square meter at the beginning of last year, and now it sells for 160-170 yuan per square meter. Wang Jiasheng analyzed that although the rising trend of wood prices in Southeast Asia has indeed occurred,<a href="http://woodcompositedeck.org/composite-decking/weather-best-composite-decking-dealers.html">weather best composite decking dealers</a> the inventory in Shanghai is relatively large, and there will not be a large gap in the supply of imported timber. Therefore, the price of imported flooring will not increase.
The grand opening ceremony was held on April 28th, 2011 at 5:30pm. It was sponsored by China Forest </p>
<p>Products Industry Association, Shenyang Municipal People's Government, and Liaoning Provincial Economic and Information Committee. It was organized by China Forest Products Industry Association Flooring Professional Committee, Liaoning Furniture Association, and Shenyang The launching ceremony of the Northeast Three Provinces Flooring Federation organized by the Municipal Flooring Industry Association was held on the third floor of Sheraton Shenyang Lido Hotel.<a href="http://woodcompositedeck.org/eco-panel/tobago-collection-outdoor-furniture.html">tobago collection outdoor furniture</a> The opening ceremony was held at a grand </p>
<p>occasion. Lu Bin, secretary general of the Flooring Committee of the China Forest Products Industry Association, delivered a speech. Zu Shuwu, Chairman of the Board of Directors and President of the Liaoning Provincial Furniture Association and Chairman of the Liaoning Province Furniture Association Zu Shuwu delivered speeches With impassioned speeches,<a href="http://woodcompositedeck.org/composite-decking/best-place-to-buy-cedar-decking.html">best place to buy cedar decking</a> the president of the ancestors is full of confidence in the flooring industry in Liaoning province and even tomorrow in Northeast China. He expressed high </p>