<P>The toilet floor drain is too high, the water will slowly penetrate outside, if you have found that the floor of the wooden floor, may have been rotten under the toilet.</P>
<P>1, bathroom walls, seepage on the ground, damp boards, we must first find a professional inspection, if it is found there is a local leakage, the first place to repair and waterproofing waterproof measures, and then damp wood flooring for processing.</P>
<P>2, if the mold on the wooden floor only, polished with sandpaper, and then repainted paint.serious water and mildew moldy wooden floor, must rot that piece of wood floor demolition moisture, to prevent the development of mold to the rest of the wooden floor.</P>
<P>3, if the bathroom constantly leaking, and affect the outside of the wall and wooden floor, the toilet can only pry open the wooden floor tiles, waterproofing again.</P> "discount composite and wood floor,planning the discount of deck boards,outdoor wood floor for terrace "