<P>Solid wood flooring: Material: pure natural wood. Advantages: with the natural pattern of trees, is a poor conductor of heat, can play the role of cool in summer, cool feet, comfortable, safe to use. Disadvantages: Difficult to maintain and higher prices, the weather is humid or dry easily arched, warped or deformed. Paving way: keel paving method, direct paste method. Application: keel paving method, direct paste method.</P>
<P>Laminate: Material: polyester, MDF, special paper and aluminum oxide composition of the wear agent.Advantages:wear-resistant, beautiful, stable, as well as impact, antistatic, pollution-resistant, light-resistant, resistant to cigarette burning, easy installation, easy maintenance. Disadvantages: Blisters can not be repaired after damage, Feel worse. Pavement way: suspended pavement method.</P>
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