<P>Concentrated alkaline water to grease: There grease grease on the floor of the oil can be boiled with thick stannous alkali solution, and then covered with dirt and bleaching clay and hot water dough, and keep one night and then wash if It is necessary to repeat.</P>
<P>Salt to egg stains: leaving traces of eggs on the floor, sprinkle some eggs in the sticky salt, after 10-15 minutes to sweep the floor, the egg is easy to remove.</P>
<P>Tape and vacuum cleaner to remove glass fragments: Scattered glass fragments are very dangerous. If visible to the naked eye, sticky with adhesive tape; if formed into a powder, it should be dabbed with cotton water, or sprinkle some rice, stick it up, and then sucked up with a vacuum cleaner. Scattered in the glass floor can also use a block of wet soap rub, glass crumbs will stick to the soap block, scraping it at any time and then press until the removal is completed.</P>
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