<P>Floor wax on the market is divided into solid, paste, liquid three, and the floor of the oil, floor oil usually are drawn in the liquid floor wax range. Liquid wax is relatively cheap, easy to operate, faster to dry, but wear resistance than the solid floor wax is slightly worse, and solid wax wax layer, the use of longer, the only downside is the need to use a professional high-speed machine polishing.</P>
<P>In recent years, the floor oil has been gradually recognized by more consumers, the market is getting more and more popular.Floor oil is generally made of resin and other materials deployment, can effectively penetrate into the floor, with the effect of preventing cracking, repair cracks, but the current floor of the lack of standard oil market standards, consumers should pay attention to the brand, to prevent the The use of inferior products after the damaging effect on the wooden floor.</P>
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