<P>Many unsold traders sell solid wood flooring shoddy, the quality is very poor, there is the floor moisture content of their own failure, when the floor moisture content higher than local standards, the water loss will cause the floor shrinkage, a direct result of The gap between the floor becomes larger.</P>
<P>Installation, the floor has not yet dried, so after installation, prone to such problems; In addition, the laying of the floor, the ground uneven selection of keel leveling, keel casting water slurry on both sides, before the cement is not dry, they eager to install the wooden floor , The grass-roots concrete moisture content is too high, moisture-proof insulation is not sealed floor moisture absorption and expansion. At the same time, when the wooden floor pavement between the adjacent blocks are not required to reserve stretch seam, damp air will swell the floor after swelling arch, or even the phenomenon of paint cracks.</P> "8 foot composite fence pickets,veranda home square footage calculator,eco friendly decking new zealand "