<p>Solid wood floor advantages and disadvantages analysis - advantages Strong practicality, solid wood flooring material to ensure the practicality of solid wood flooring, it is after wood drying, a large comfort outside deck veneer piece of the implementation of production, the thickness of solid wood flooring is consistent with 18mm, especially durable. Solid wood flooring does not contain any pollution. </p> <p>Selecting natural wood itself does not contain harmful substances, so it can be used with confidence. The tactile sensation is very good and its softness is very high, so it will feel particularly comfortable when you walk up and down. Wood 6 ft stockade fence price South Africa grain is natural, its production is very simple, and many processing procedures have been abandoned. The natural texture of the original wood is reserved to the maximum.</p> <p> The advantages and disadvantages of solid wood flooring analysis - shortcomings Difficulties in daily maintenance, because of its material makes the stability of solid wood flooring without processing the floor is good, so the room too much moisture or dry wood flooring is easy to get rid of the problem of deformation. Solid wood flooring requires the use of solid wood materials that grow in nature, and there adding height to wood fence to block neighbors are very large costs and damages to the only forest resources.</p>