the overwhelming majority of people do not even know that the relationship between rosewood and Asian pear is ambiguous. Even the northern timber market often sells Asian pear directly as rosewood (the sales name is generally called The import of African rosewood is correct in terms of wording, but it is not related to the concept of mahogany.)
Besides, the habitat of Hedgehog rosewood covers a very large area in Africa, and the material and aroma of Hedgehog rosewood vary widely from place to place. For example, some hedgehog rosewood has no fragrance at all, and it even has pungent odor, while other hedgehog rosewood has a similar flavor to ordinary Asian rosewood.
In terms of material, Hedgehog rosewood is also very different. The best Hedgehog rosewood material is close to the large fruit red sandalwood, but the level of the bird foot rosewood is not reached, but the poor Hedgehog rosewood material is similar to the inferior Indian rosewood.
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