<p>special visit to the Secretary-General of Liaoning Province Furniture Association Bai Hong on the preparation of the current floor expo. Reporter: Hello, White Secretary-General, It is understood that the 2008 Shenyang Flooring Expo has started preparations since the beginning of last year, and is currently preparing for the situation.<a href='http://mainetrains.biz/wpc-fence/13666-external-wall-insulation-systems-suppliers-thailand.html'>external wall insulation systems suppliers thailand</a> Bai Hong: The 2008 Shenyang Floor Expo really devoted a lot of energy to the association. The most important thing to mention is that this year's Floor Exposition is the only exhibition that was jointly</p>
<p> created by the China Forest Products Industry Association and the Flooring Professional Committee of the Liaoning Province Furniture Association, and will be the theme of the floor <a href='http://mainetrains.biz/wpc-fence/13665-cheap-ways-to-expand-patio.html'>cheap ways to expand patio</a> ��Domestic Trade Show��. At present, the overall preparation of the Expo is supposed to be carried out in an intense and orderly manner. At present, all the major booths at the exhibition have basically been booked out. Therefore, it can be said that the preliminary preparations are very smooth. Reporter: At the news conference of the 2008 Shenyang </p>
<p>Flooring Expo, you mentioned that the core theme of the exhibition was ��Integrity, Innovation,<a href='http://mainetrains.biz/wpc-fence/13664-wpc-deck-tiles-in-south-africa.html'>wpc deck tiles in south africa</a> Cooperation and Development.�� Can you briefly explain this topic for everyone? Bai Hong: It should be said that the concept of ��honesty�� has always been uphold and honoured from the beginning to the end of the flooring and even the entire home industry. In 2008, Shenyang Floor Exposition added new ideas to the original ��good faith�� theme. It is based on a long-term perspective of development. As a center of the international </p>