The surface treatment of furniture manufactured by the court mainly uses the waxing process. Waxing process can maintain the wood's own wood and beautiful wood grain. Waxing can not only preserve the unique luster, feel and ancient natural charm of mahogany, but also effectively prevent moisture, corrosion, cracking and so on.
In the process of using, mahogany furniture itself will constantly appear from inside to outside the anti-oil phenomenon, which has an excellent maintenance effect on the home. 1, waxing is divided into open waxing and sealing waxing open waxing is the wooden eye (needle eye),
wood grain exposed outside, a good material of wood, high-tech products generally open waxing, in order to Display crafts grades. Closed waxing is to fill the woody (needle eye) pores of the wood to enhance smoothness, generally with lacquer, because the lacquer is environmentally friendly and tasteless.
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