For individual bosses, it's really early, and for most bosses, it's too late. China Resources can only start to fully introduce HR so late. There are many reasons for this. Talent competition is not as intense as it is today, and the shareholders' team is outstanding.
These two relatively easy-to-see reasons cannot be learned, let alone deep reasons. In addition, even now, we can see that the individual 1 billion-class companies are still very rough in HR management. The reason is very simple. The boss is not only smart, but also very energetic, and you still can't learn.
Therefore, it is the most realistic way out to seriously analyze the status quo of recruiting, educating, retaining, and employing people in enterprises, and finding the key points of problems. The author and a group of small and medium-sized paint business owners contacted and found that they are the most consistent place there are three,
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