I have spent many days playing Syberia 3 for the PS4, when I finally find the temple and cross to the other side by the bridge that needs to be crossed the game autosaves just fine, but when I shut down the game and try to continue the game it will NOT LOAD!! I had to start a new game and get to that point in the game AGAIN past the temple and the game does the same thing, it will NOT LOAD the saved game by the bridge..AGAIN, I spent many days. You need to fix this! And you need to tell us about when it will be released. Please don't tell me and everyone SOON, tell us WHEN, or at LEAST BE NICE ABOUT IT and tell us ABOUT WHEN it will be released so me and everyone else doesn't need to check back every day for months to find out when! Be Professional...If you do not, then I will NEVER buy another game from this company! I have been playing video games for over 40 years!

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