<P>Longan is commonly known as Tangmu. Its wood is light reddish-brown to reddish-brown and its heartwood color is darker. The wood has a golden luster and no special smell or taste. Straight texture, slightly intertwined texture. The structure is fine to medium and uniform, medium in weight and strength, and hard to medium in hardness. Good paint, adhesive properties, easy to tear, good stability, corrosion resistance and strong insect resistance. Air-dry density 0.74g/cm3 Suitable for furniture, flooring, interior decoration and so on. Some longan solid wood floors are reddish-brown with clear textures, so they are suitable for creating European and Chinese style homes.</P>
<P>In addition, the longan solid wood floor oil absorption, paint is very smooth. We must also remind consumers that the paint is transparent, the color is natural and soft, the texture is clear and real, there are no putty eyes and cracks modified by putty, the tongue and groove is complete, the edges are neat, the backboard texture and tone are consistent with the surface of the board. It is a good floor. There are no traces of ingenious makeup, and the color and texture of the wood remain the standard for high-quality solid wood flooring.</P>
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