<P>Winter is not a time to dust and clean. If the climate is dry, the dust increases. If it is not cleaned in time, the moisture will accumulate in the gaps between the wooden floors and form stubborn stains. Clean the floor, vacuum, and prevent sand or frictional dust from accumulating to scratch the floor surface. In addition to regular use of brooms or vacuum cleaners dust, but also should pay special attention to the location of frequent stamping, proper placement of the door entrance porch with a carpet and dust strips to increase the service life.</P>
<P>After the winter of wood was added to the problem and entered the autumn and winter, many families had problems with opening, deformation, cracking, etc. in the wooden floor. Even after the repair, the problem would still be repeated. Seasonal floor problems can be urgently repaired, waiting for the floor to experience the changes in humidity and temperature during the four seasons, maximizing floor deformation, and finally finding a professional wood floor repair company to make a one-time repair. In the coming spring, the wooden floor can be repaired again, and it can be put in place once in a while to avoid repeated maintenance. Of course, dealing with floor noise in winter is a good choice.</P>
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