Develop a tailor-made financial service system to help the development of the mahogany industry, assist the development of financing problems in the development of mahogany enterprises, and let enterprises develop financial problems. Third, China (Zhongshan) Yibo City Landing Zhongshan adds color to Zhongshan Redwood Culture.
China (Zhongshan) Redwood Art Expo City is the most representative mahogany culture and art complex in Zhongshan Redwood Industry, bringing together traditional art collections from around the world. Most of them are the works of national masters.
A few days ago, Yibo City has officially entered the International Redwood Square in Zhuangyuanfang. Zhongshan is a celebrity city with a long history and rich cultural heritage. China (Zhongshan) Hongmu Yibo City was completed in Zhongshan, adding a strong and fragrant color to Xiangshan Redwood Culture.
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