<p>Water glass is a soluble alkali metal silicate, also known as saponin. The color of the liquid water glass is blue-gray, but the colorless and transparent water glass is the best material. The liquid water glass can be debugged as long as it is used in water. The use of water glass is equipped with quick-setting waterproofing agent: What is the water glass deck material made from recycled bottles described above, I believe friends have already understood. Secondly, the use of water glass is also relatively wide, for example, a quick-setting waterproofing agent can be disposed. The practice is to add a variety of quick-setting water repellents in which the crucible is configured as three or four crucibles.</p> <p> This water repellent has a fast setting speed of less than one minute and can be used to repair the surface with cement mortar or concrete. However, because it is very fast, it is not suitable for use with cement waterproofing paste. Painting the surface of building disadvantage of wpc cladding materials: The water glass is then reinforced and its density and strength are enhanced. Among them, clay bricks, cement concrete, etc. have very good effects. However, the gypsum material cannot be painted, because sodium sulfate will occur in the two, which will cause the product to crystallize in the voids, so that the volume of the product will also expand, which will damage the reinforcing foundation and improve the bearing capacity of the foundation: Glass and calcium chloride have been injected into the formation in turn, producing a silicic acid gel which is then combined wpc privacy fence and filled with pores.</p> <p> Because silicate colloid is a frozen gel that swells when water is inflated, it is in an expanded state after absorbing water, so it prevents moisture from penetrating and makes the soil stronger. As a raw material for a variety of architectural coatings: If the water glass and the fire-resistant material of the liquid are prepared into a paste-like fireproof paint, and then applied to the surface of importers wall panel materials the wood, the wood can be well protected against the fire, so that its ignition point is obtained. reduce.</p>