<P>1, wooden floor can not be bought to shop, should be opened after the new home for a period of time and then shop, so that the wood floor to adapt to the new environment. Do not think that the wooden floor can not contain water, in fact, leaving the water, the wood floor becomes very hard, the feeling is not the same foot, so to maintain the wood floor moisture content of about 14%, of course, this is a professional tool inspection.</P>
<P>2. A certain gap should be reserved between the wooden grille and the ground floor (primary school textbooks have taught us, we must know how to stay a seam), to ensure that the entire dragon inside the air is open, do not use a cement mortar pile to fix the wooden grille, Wood wedges should be firmly secured to the ground with nails.</P>
<P>3. Before cleaning the wooden floor, clean the wooden grille, sprinkle damp-proof powder and pest control powder. This is to prevent the insects from attacking the material of the wooden floor and destroying the structure of the wooden floor. Nails on wooden floor must use twisted nails, first drilling in the mouth of the enterprise (the hole should be perpendicular to the length of the floor bar), and then nail into the wooden grille, otherwise it is easy to cause looseness of the wood floor during use. After the wood floor is laid, cover it with cardboard, old sheets or old mats. The purpose of this is to protect the initial installation structure of the wooden floor and to secure its structure.</P>
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