<P>In summer, the climate is humid and poorly maintained. The solid wood floors will rise, drumming and even wavy. Newly-decorated house paints, floors, wood, and ceramic tiles contain a lot of moisture. The temperature rises and the water accelerates evaporation. If the room does not have windows and humidity increases, the floor will be deformed.</P>
<P>When you open the window to see the heat, the humidity of the air outside the noon reaches 100%. At this time, the window is opened, which makes the interior more humid. Therefore, in the afternoon or evening, when the climate is relatively dry, not hot, open the window to adjust the indoor air. The indoor relative humidity should be controlled at 50-70%, preferably with a dry hygrometer to monitor the indoor humidity. Can be equipped with a dehumidifier, often wet, it is better.</P>
<P>After the wooden floor is covered, solid wax should be applied immediately, and the floor joints must be sealed. This prevents moisture from invading the solid wood floor and blocking the dust. After waxing, cover it with a film, etc., and then open it after the renovation. Here also to remind consumers that some cleaning company's wax is used improperly, it will react with the wood floor surface paint, causing discoloration, so be careful to choose.</P>
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