<p>Many businesses in the whole box of the floor to remove one or two floors. As most of the solid wood lacquer is packed in cartons, so the owner can not see the paper board inside the board. This gives bad sales staff an opportunity. Some sales staff in the whole box of the floor out of a piece, while the installation of the floor and then use some eye-catching method, not alert wpc fencing cost estimator the owners are often severely slaughtered a knife.</p><p> Is it not easy to see through such a simple trick? Some owners simply do not know the thick cartons hidden under the floor of the missing number. General owners will pay close b q composite fence panels attention to the floor itself before buying, and in Kanjia, after payment, especially after the floor will be transported to ease after the home.</p><p> And the sales company responsible for the installation of the construction staff, will be in the case of the owners do not pay attention to the mark will be done in advance of some "missing floor" of the packaging open. As long as the carton is opened, the face of can you use composite deck screws in pressure treated the floor covered with the floor, the owner simply can not pursue whether the number of missing. Take a step back, even if the owners found a box of a little floor, sales of the installation staff will be a good attitude to find some similar to the "box is a normal Hollow Composite Deck defective products, immediately to swap a box" and so on excuse past.</p>