do not know whether it is a termite pound of ghosts, did not dare to act rashly. Because not found in the room to get into trouble insects, can not confirm that the termite trouble, Mr. Lin home was bite bad wood floor to be experts to come to view. The new floor.
of the floor a large area of ​​serious quality of the renovation of the company compensation, just renovated a good new home, a large number of paint flooring and cracks, accounting for more than 20% of the total area. Just renovated and refurbished, which is looking forward to move to the new home.
of Ms. Liang angry. The face of the decoration company is only willing to compensate 1,000 yuan reply, Ms. Liang complained to the Songjiang District Consumer Protection Committee. December 2006, Ms. Liang due to the demolition assigned to a set of housing in the Songjiang District.
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