<p>red oak furniture brand to become; China's furniture industry leader, many experts have been known as China's private enterprises evergreen tree. Federal red oak furniture brand's &quot;Federal Gordon&quot; and &quot;Federal Minnie&quot; original product is swept the entire furniture circle. Red oak furniture brand - Hua Rihua red oak furniture brand after 40 years of hard development, developed hundreds of modern consumers in line with the aesthetic variety of furniture, the </p>
<p>red oak furniture brand now has more than 5,000 Employees and 1,300 acres of production base, fully able to meet the consumer demand for Chinese red oak furniture production situation. It is worth mentioning that, after years of efforts, China and Japan red oak furniture brand has been successfully listed in Hong Kong, for consumers, China and Japan red oak furniture brand product quality is more secure. Red oak furniture brand - double leaves double </p>
<p>leaves red oak furniture brand was established in 1995, we all know that time the furniture market is being the old qualifications of the old furniture brand carved up, so as a new red oak furniture brand, In 1997, the enterprise was reorganized. After the reorganization of the two-leaf red oak furniture brand mainly produces restaurants, bedroom and living room and other types of furniture, is committed to creating the largest domestic solid wood furniture brand. </p>
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