<p>Composite floor because of the installation, maintenance is simple, good wear resistance and other advantages and increasingly accepted by the people. However, the formaldehyde content of compositeshadow box fence northern virginia flooring has always been the focus of attention. Some composite floor manufacturers to do this big "green" article, some of which propaganda with misleading.</p><p> On which the most common "green substrate is the green floor," the cognitive errors to be the original source. Floor substrate to a large extent determine the quality of the composite floor, so the floor of the substrate quality has been for manufacturers and youtube how to build a porch roof consumers concerned. "Green substrate" is the first "icon" flooring from Europe to introduce a technology, that is, in the substrate of raw materials in particular added a moisture-resistant factor, so that greatly increased than ordinary flooring moisture resistance.</p><p> At that time for the difference, the introduction of this substrate made of light green, "green substrate" hence the name. The results of many installing composite floor over wood companies have to follow, the market soon appeared in a variety of "green substrate": there is said to be moisture-proof, there is water is not afraid of blisters, more that is "green substrate" is environmentally friendly products ... ... hanging "green substrate" brand, the floor Hollow Composite Deck price per square meter higher than 10-20 yuan, damage the interests of consumers.</p>