<p>the red oak of the South. Southern red oak is growing more rapidly than the northern red oak, and the wood is harder and heavier. Southern red oak reddish, north shallow is also a distinguishing factor. American red oak quality hard, mechanical processing performance is good, dry and slow. So the United States made of red oak furniture to keep dry, usually placed in a cool and ventilated place. Simple and smooth lines, the appearance of the atmosphere solemn, </p>
<p>easy to mix with any decoration style, generous natural American 1.8 m bed to make your sleep more sound. Bed style leather by the package comfortable and soft, delicate feel; bed frame fine workmanship, materials stress, attention to detail; style solemn generous, elegant style, fully demonstrated the master of the noble identity and status. This American classical bed price is �� 4999 yuan. Beautiful carved is a noble symbol, color with the furniture is full of rich </p>
<p>artistic atmosphere of the plate smooth and delicate, the use of high-grade materials, environmental health, the use of environmentally friendly paint, to maintain the furniture of the wood color, so you more close to nature. This section of the living room set price �� 3860 yuan. On the United States red oak furniture is good and how the price, Xiaobian today introduced here. For more information on furniture, please keep an eye on every home decoration </p>
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