<p>of the staff spent 90,000 loaded three bedroom Modern wind regret decoration earlyLight steel keel ceiling construction is a hidden construction, the latter may be due to light steel keel convergence instability, resulting in late ceil cracking and other related issues, so the need for acceptance in the middle of the construction. Woodworking ceiling keel acceptance mainly by the project manager and carpentry is responsible for the following is the woodworking </p>
<p>ceiling keel acceptance points. 1, woodworking ceiling keel acceptance criteria 1. The main keel hanging from the main dragon end of not more than 300mm as the standard. 2. Whether the main keel spacing is in the range of 900-1200mm. 3. Whether the vice keel is in the range of 400-600mm. 4. Whether the connection is complete, whether the keel is straight and firm. Second, the woodworking ceiling keel acceptance points 1. Light steel keel shape to </p>
<p>straight straight line, if the edges and corners are not broken or convex and other defects, then even qualified light steel keel, at the incision do not have burr or deformation Situation, or will affect the use. 2. Light steel keel appearance of the galvanized layer is not allowed to have skin, from the tumor, off the quality of defects. 3. Family ceiling light steel keel main keel with 50 series completely enough, do not easily believe that business specifications, quality is good </p>
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