<p>mixture. How can the fragrant wood be breeded? Why is it easy to fall off the leaves? First, the fragrant wood breeding methods To understand the fragrant wood breeding methods, we must first clear the growth habits of fragrant wood. Qingxiang wood hi sunshine, warm, cold and weak, and more live in Yunnan, southern Sichuan and other dry hot valley area. Fragrant wood in the breeding process to pay attention to three aspects: fragrant wood afraid of </p>
<p>waterlogging, it is not appropriate watering irrigation. The soil should be kept dry, loose, two fragrant wood is not cold, hi sun, so do not Qingxiang wood placed in the shade of the place. Third, fragrant wood should not use fertilizer. Fragrant wood is more sensitive to fertilizer, fertilization will lead to seedling burning phenomenon. Second, the fragrant wood Why old leaves? Many people have doubts about this issue, in fact, there are two reasons, a fertilization too </p>
<p>much, a watering too much. Fragrant wood hi dry, it is difficult to water once. Fragrant wood root system developed, tenacious vitality, it is not difficult to wait. Fragrant wood farming methods as long as the master of the above three points, in fact, easy to survive. Qingxiang wood growth is slow, so the production for the bonsai is very easy to shape design, the design of the fragrant wood bonsai generally have a strong classical charm, to bring a simple and simple </p>
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