<p>Solid wood flooring is made of natural wood, natural trees with the climate, the environment and so different, even if it is the same kind of trees, in different places to grow, its itself will be different, processed into the floor of the floor is also different, Therefore, in general, ordinary people are difficult to accurately identify. As long as it is in pictures of composite fences Oman the big shop, shop to buy, it is more at ease, there will be no fake, but some of the normal defects, or can be identified. Texture: is a direct judge the quality of the floor standards. There are rules of the texture is very nice, such as with the crystal floor paint used together, after the completion will be very beautiful, so do not use those texture of the chaotic or inverted stream of the floor.</p><p> Color: This is a normal phenomenon. No matter how good the floor there is color, which is determined by the congenital nature of natural products, but the color should not weatherproof panels is best for house be too serious, such as a large contrast or simply black, then do not buy. Rift: high-grade flooring is not allowed to exist cracks, but this floor is not the average consumer can buy.</p><p> In the low-grade floor cracks are inevitable, {hotTag} but too big is not good. Some cracks are produced between the textures of the wood, and the cracks do not extend. Generally no serious, can be assured to use. But some cracks are penetrating the texture, do not use this floor, because these cracks will be extended, the future has a great negative impact.</p><p> Nodules: that is, knots, can be divided into live and dead section. The former wood tissue and the surrounding wood are closely linked, there is no gap. While the latter's wood tissue non distorting vinyl fence panels and the surrounding wood are disengaged, and sometimes the whole knot falls off, leaving a hole. As a natural product is not possible without knots, the reasonable distribution of the festival, but will make wood products more beautiful, but the existence of the abomination is not so beautiful.</p><p> Excellence is not allowed to exist defects of the festival, the state provides: where the diameter of less than 3 mm live knots and less than 2 mm in diameter and did not fall off, non-compact dead knees are not as defective knots. Bend: There are two forms, one is a wood fences singapore horizontal bend (C-like), this floor is difficult to correct, after laying will leave an uneven gap. The other is the vertical bending (arch or tilt), as long as the degree of bending is not serious, then the laying is completely correctable, and will not leave any traces. In addition, some of the floor is made of tree material and bark of the material, beware of illegal businessmen to raise the price level. There is also a situation to note that some of the wood used by the floor was a lot of insects, and therefore left a lot of insects, this floor of the wood is not very good. Some floor tongue and groove profile for decks manufacturers even with the organization has been necrotic, mildew of wood made of raw materials for the floor, this floor even cheaper, you do not buy.</p>