the city of Ms. Li call this morning hotline 83186110 last night, reflecting the decoration company refused to warranty, she was upset about this. 8 o'clock last night, the reporter came to the solution is located in the urban area Lize Garden district home.
Just enter the lady's house, the reporter found the shop in front of the marble cut into two parts, the living room and the kitchen junction of the floor into a piece arch up, two arched floor constitutes a sharp acute angle. Solution of the house of the house area of ​​more than 120 square meters,
the living room and three rooms all shop "sweet bean" wooden floor, the solution will be the house a number of arched wooden floor to the reporter to see. Ms. solution also said that because the toilet in the wash basin is always leaking, the North Terrace rainy days of rain do not often have water,
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