<p>main origin in Latin America tropical and subtropical. The name of the tabby wood is the Paphnia. Tabby wood of fine quality, dense structure and delicate, warm texture. Tabby wood stripes ranging in width, dark brown to black, clear texture, into a tiger. New section with brown and green, strong luster. The new section has a fragrance, a strong moisture-proof corrosion, not easy to deformation. Chinese name: tiger wood Branch, Agave Branch, is a tiger </p>
<p>wood species, the name tiger nefer not, the name of Tiger blood dragon tree, tabby Brazil iron. Need more than 100 years before the material. Trees up to 30 meters in diameter, 1.2 meters in diameter. Strong gloss and no smell. Heavy weight and high strength. Gas density is high, about 0.85 or so, 1 cubic weight of wood up to more than one ton. Second, the advantages of tiger wood furniture tiger wood material weight, high strength, excellent stability, made </p>
<p>of furniture is not easy to crack deformation and other issues; tiger wood rich in oil, wear and corrosion resistance, moisture resistance, tiger wood furniture positioning High-grade; tiger wood can be used to make the butt, gun and sporting goods. Tiger wood natural texture is also very unique, clear stripes, color shiny, was brown, slightly green, in the sun there are gold flashing, more suitable for the production of Chinese or relatively simple and rugged modern </p>
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