<p>heartwood from light brown to dark chocolate color, occasionally purple and dark stripes. Can be supplied by steam treatment after the sapwood deepening of the plate or without steam treatment. Trees are generally straight, sometimes wavy or curled, forming a pleasing decorative motif. Two, walnut identification method really walnut pattern color transition is relatively smooth; fake color transition soon, can clearly distinguish between black and brown, </p>
<p>really walnut pattern is more natural, fake walnut pattern feel is the same no Difference, really walnut due to the larger density of the reasons, the same size than the false Shen, really walnut in the sun will appear under the reflection of something like gold, false is not. European walnut and black walnut the difference between European walnut wood is more rough, the color is not uniform. American black walnut and its close relatives in Europe compared to the </p>
<p>general color is darker, the difference between its heartwood and white wood than the European walnut is more intense. In order to eliminate this distinction, the black walnut should be steamed before the export. Its texture is also strong, but its main advantage lies in it as a longer and wider sheet. European walnut wood low rigidity, bending strength and seismic strength moderate, but have a good impact resistance. On the walnut of the profile and identification </p>
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