<p>third is to see if there is any traces of renovation. Some of the red mahogany chairs in the renovation will leave a dense nail, this chair that is old. Some rattan chairs, the original rattan rotten, and will leave the rattan's eyes, turn over can see. The last is to see the grain. Some of the surface of the tea table will appear uneven rugged, but look carefully, whether it is hard to brush out with a wire brush, hard wood grain always have an unnatural feeling. Here we take a </p>
<p>look at the mahogany tea table maintenance 1, mahogany is a solid wood tea table, after the factory in a year prone to quality problems, the need for maintenance. Winter, the need to use the best humidifier; summer, the use of air conditioners, so that indoor humidity maintained at between 25 to 35%. 2, to avoid prolonged exposure to the sun in the sun, do not put the tea table directly on the heating furnace, fireplace and other high temperature. 3, the dust is </p>
<p>actually a kind of abrasive particles, in the wipe the dust, use a soft cotton cloth back and forth along the wood gently rub. 4, every six months or a year can be waxed on the furniture once, to protect the tea table have some help. 5, if the mobile tea table, the tea table should be raised, do not drag, so as not to cause the overall structure of the loose tea table. Second, the solid wood tea table price dragon dragon mahogany furniture Dongyang wood carving solid </p>
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