<p>harmless to the human body fire insulation materials, and then after the fire-retardant treatment to meet these two requirements Of the wooden fire doors to meet the level of fire safety standards. Another wood fire door hardware accessories are fire, and fire smoke and so on. Second, the wooden fire doors regulate the specifications of wood fire doors 1, &quot;building design fire regulations&quot; and other fire regulations, the firewall must use non-flammable or flame </p>
<p>retardant materials; &quot;interior decoration design fire safety regulations&quot; provides that, in addition to ordinary residential buildings Wall decoration must use noncombustible or flame retardant materials. Wood fire doors as a part of the firewall, in addition to fire limits, its own should also be a flame retardant material. And &quot;wooden fire door general technical conditions&quot; on the door of the finishes without any requirements. Wooden fire door specification 2, &quot;wooden </p>
<p>fire door production allowable deviation&quot; in the door frame and door warping allowable deviation of 3mm and 2mm, and &quot;wooden fire door installation allowable deviation&quot; in the box and fan contact surface smoothness tolerance is 2mm. If the door frame and the door of the warp deviation of 2.5mm and 0.2mm, respectively, after the installation of the frame and fan contact surface roughness deviation of more than 2mm, does not meet the standard requirements. </p>
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