<p>is to make full use of the natural shape of solid wood, play the wisdom of people, made practical, decorative, collection value and one of the special products. With the rapid development of tea culture, solid wood tea table with its unique charm, set practical, art, appreciation, collection in one, won the celebrity celebrity favorite, is the new favorite of the collection. 1. The specificity of the material, the precious nature: the general are good trees, fine trees (due to </p>
<p>be resistant to immersion, moisture, insects, no deformation, there is a certain hardness and toughness, color, clear and beautiful wood, so the general Are the use of precious roots. 2. The perfect combination of natural and craftsmanship, financial wood carving of the director. 3. Can not synthesis, counterfeiting. Therefore, a good solid wood cottage is indifferent elegant landscape ink painting, is the more brilliant song Tang poetry, Is the heavenly man </p>
<p>and a Taoist practice, is the Buddhist temple of the meaning of Buddhism, is our survival of the world and the nature of the mind and aesthetics of the general selection of the old roots of the old tea table tea, accompanied by sophisticated cups, quaint On the other hand will be able to produce a &quot;tea flavor of life,&quot; the taste of forget me, the taste of the tea, Guizhen, the goods out of the imagination, just think of Quan Chung. God connected to the universe, </p>
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