<p>Summertime much rain, wooden floor is hit very easily wet, if be handled not in time, appear very easily problem. Does floor of that summer wood maintain what should notice? </p>
<p>1. is waterproof</p>
<p>Wooden floor very fear water. Summer should be prevented pluvial seeper waves outside the window. If do not take care to leak, went up water, even if the boiled water a few, also want to use delicate dishcloth wipe up in time, keep dry,wood composite benches malaysia lest drive burnish, cause warp, craze, mildew and rot even. </p>
<p>2. fire prevention</p>
<p>The stub that did not go out and match lever, cannot lose at will go up, rice cooker of electric stove, report, electric iron, electric iron, in did not place good prevent light, before preventing layer of very hot mat, cannot put on its at will,pressure treated wood deck Mauritius otherwise, floor of easy and burnable wood. Cannot wipe the dirt on the face, bilge with benzine, grind in case generation is electrostatic, cause fire. </p>
<p>3. prevents damage</p>
<p>Wooden floor is injured easily also. Do not wear sole to take hammer to take leather shoes of strong base of iron control down to be in ambulating, make its surface is operated. The article with coarse, ponderosity and tall hardness,on line decking product sales Morocco ten million cannot be on wooden floor dilatory. </p>
<p>4. prevents bilge</p>
<p>Mudebanye is afraid of the bilge. If be general bilge, but first wipe floating dust,waterproof wood plastic composite flooring for hot tubs dip in with delicate dishcloth next on the strong tea, orange skin water that clean out makings water or immerses with orange skin is wiped. </p>
<p>The lacquer on 5.</p>
<p>Some wood floor is used 3, after years, can use the akin paint of floor of crude oil lacquer, paint the floor afresh. </p>