<p>wood, a plate of the front and back of the lines are up on the plate is not up The On the difference between solid wood furniture and plate furniture, Xiaobian introduced here today. For more information on furniture, please keep an eye on every home decoration network.Wooden furniture and leather furniture are common to everyone and are the more popular type of furniture. Now many young people like to buy these furniture online, then how to identify wood </p>
<p>furniture and leather furniture? Next Xiaobian to introduce some of the methods, if unqualified, it is recommended that you return, do not use it. 1, wood surface observation site carefully observed woody surface, grainy natural delicate, clear texture, beautiful color, the surface and the back of the corresponding grain, with the hand hit, the sound heavy, can feel the hardness of the full. 2, the configuration cortex test hand stroked the sofa, bed cortex, feel smooth, soft, </p>
<p>plump, full of flexibility, and the leather surface tension, no pungent taste. Hand press the cortex, feel the softness of the sponge is very uniform, quickly loosen the sponge after the rapid recovery of the original, full of flexibility. 3, the various parts of the connection test parts of the connection has been the embodiment of solid wood furniture, quality, good solid wood furniture, are used to connect the tongue and groove, etc., in the local load-bearing places, but also </p>
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